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Disney files permits to Raze Parts of Pleasure Island

The status of Pleasure Island has been of much debate in Disney fan circles. The general consensus among fans is that Adventurer’s Club should come back ASAP, but that’s about as likely as Disney offering free admission to the Magic Kingdom for a year. Instead, it looks like Disney is finally proceeding with some of the plans for the Downtown Disney entertainment area.

According to the Save Pleasure Island blog, Disney has filed permits to demolish the former BET Soundstage building (rumored to have significant weather damage) together with the Adventurer’s Club. Plus they will install a Valet parking area. Additional work will be down on the walking patterns for the area, but nothing so far for the buildings that housed the Comedy Warehouse and the small stores on that side.

The initial plans for the entertainment zone formerly known as Pleasure Island (TEZFKAPI) called for bringing in outside vendors and remaking the lagoon side locations into restaurants with views of a new nightly water and fireworks show. What the new TEZFKAPI plans look like remain to be seen, but I’ll bet they’ve been downsized some.

Updated Post to correctly reflect demolition of Adventurers Club.