Tangled – The Second Trailer

Oooh. Wow. Me likey.

One question though. What happened to the possessive? Disney Tangled? Are we to believe that Disney itself is tangled? Shouldn’t it be Disney’s Tangled? I’m confused. Maybe it should be Disney Presents Tangled? But then shouldn’t it be Walt Disney Presents Tangled? Someone get Disney marketing a copy of the MLA grammar guide.

9 thoughts on “Tangled – The Second Trailer”

  1. Unfortunately, that just seems to be the new branding that they are using on all Disney films. Take a look at the posters for “Tron: Legacy” or “Tangled” or “Secretariat” or some of the posters for “Alice in Wonderland.” They all just have the “Disney” logo above the title. No more “Walt Disney Pictures Presents” or “Disney’s” or anything like that. I first noticed it during some of the commercials for “Princess and the Frog” last year. I really don’t like it. Makes it look kinda cheap.

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