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Man dies after being rescued at SeaWorld’s Aquatica

Sad news coming from SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica water park. A 68-year old tourist visiting from a foreign country died after being found unresponsive on Roa Rapids, a fast-current version of a lazy river. Attempts to revive the guest were successful, but he died later at the hospital. The park was closed for about an hour while the death was investigated. No name has been released.

Roa Rapids features swift moving currents and the occasional cement obstacle. Life jackets are available to all guests and required for those under 52 inches in height. My own personal experience on the attraction was a painful one. I did not fit in any of the available life jackets and instead wrapped one up and used it as a kinda-noodle flotation device that you see in pools. This worked well for me as long as I kept my eyes focused on where I was headed. But when turned around briefly by the current, I hit my head painfully on the attractions cement walls. Ouch!

I’m not speculating as to the cause of the tragic injury here, it could have been a heart condition for all we know. But I can definitely see how a severe bump might occur.

More on this sad story at the Orlando Sentinel.

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