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Tower of Terror Stroke Victim Verdict Appealed

Back in May we reported on a jury trial to see what, if any, liability Disney might have had for a man’s stoke that occurred post- Disney World visit. The man claimed that the Twlight Zone Tower of Terror attraction was the cause of his stroke, and that Disney did not maintain a high enough level of care to prevent these sort of injuries.

The Jury found for Disney and we thought that was that. But now the man is appealing saying the court got it wrong when it found that Disney World only had to meet a lower standard of care.

I don’t see this going any further, but that’s what I said about a similar case in California that Disney lost. So keep an eye on this one.

3 thoughts on “Tower of Terror Stroke Victim Verdict Appealed”

  1. Based on his legal argument, if he actually wins on appeal, you might as well kiss the ToT goodbye.

    If legally it has to be as safe as an “elevator”, then why bother having it all?

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