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Disney Internet Chief Resigns

Steve Wadsworth, president of the Disney Interactive Media Group, resigned from his post on Thursday. DIMG generally over sees and Disney’s Online Games. The division recently reported a lost of $65 million. But it’s hard to know exactly what that means with Disney’s unique in-house accounting methods.

Apparently John Pleasants, President of the recently acquired company Playdom, is a leading candidate to replace Wadsworth. Playdom is a social gaming platform. One of their games, Social City, just rolled out some Disney theme park icons as part of the game. (It’s addictive, trust me.)

Trouble in this division is the last thing Bob Iger needs. He’s placed a lot of the company’s eggs in the internet basket. Unfortunately, the eggs cracked to omelettes made ratio is looking really poor right now. Leadership from someone with a firm understanding of how social media fits into the fabric of the company’s projects would be a good thing.

More on Wadsworth’s departure at the NY Times.

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  3. To clarify, DIMG includes Disney Interactive Studios as well. That means that the division is over all of Disney’s computer and video game operations as well as Internet.

  4. I think letting Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) die was a big mistake for DIMG. They had a big following and many fans still talk about missing it. I hope maybe Playdom will bring it back in some form as it would have a ready audience.

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