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Change in leadership at Disney’s Next-Gen Division

Next-Gen is the not-so hush, hush technology project that is rumored to completely change the themepark going experience. Disney has apparently budgeted $1.5 billion, enough to build two new cruise ships, to the project. So it’s no small potatoes.

The Orlando Sentinel reports on a change in management on the Next-Gen project. Doug McGuire is moving jobs to senior vice president in charge of global development, where he will be working on plans for the new Disney theme park in Shanghai, China. McGuire had been senior vice president of global marketing operations (which explains the change I’d been hearing about there).

McGuire replaced Nick Franklin who moved to the “Next Generation Experience” (aka Next-Gen Project). Which leaves me one question? Where’s Jim MacPhee, former EPCOT Vice President. I’m assuming he’s still on NextGen as I don’t remember hearing that he had left that project.

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