Is Disney Movie Marketing Undergoing a Shakeup?

Many Disney fans blame Disney’s marketing efforts for the less than stellar box office for most of the recent animated features to come out of Burbank. Now eyes have again turned to the marketing team, but this time for the lackluster performance of Jerry Bruckheimer’s films for the studio.

The Hollywood Reporter says Disney has hired a new marketing guru for Pirates 4 with hopes of making sure marketing for that film doesn’t go down with Davy Jones.

3 thoughts on “Is Disney Movie Marketing Undergoing a Shakeup?”

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  2. I hope so. They’ve been doing the same thing for every film. All the trailers are a couple little good images and a bunch of silly visual gags/jokes to make the film look like a comedy. (See: A Christmas Carol, The Princess and the Frog, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.)

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