Aulani starts 1 year countdown to opening

Mickey must have a special deal with Santa to use his sleigh the other 364 days a year. Because he somehow made it to Hawai’i to admire his likeness, sculpted out of beach sand, and to mark an important milestone for Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, and was back at the theme parks to sign autographs later in the day.

The milestone in question is the one year countdown until August 29, 2011 when the Resort will open to hotel guests and Disney Vacation Club members. Here’s a video of the sculpture being made.

2 thoughts on “Aulani starts 1 year countdown to opening”

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  2. I think this could really work. When we went to Hawaii we stayed as some very swank resorts (my wife is the resort person, not me) and these were very expensive and they seemed like to have good occupancy.

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