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What SeaWorld Sells These Days

Now that SeaWorld is no longer a part of the Anheuser Busch family of theme parks, they really need to focus on exactly what it is they’re selling. Under Anheuser Busch no matter what the parks did, they were still a giant advertisement for beer.

The last few months have seen a shift in the tone of material coming from SeaWorld and I think it amounts to a trend and what could be seen as a new direction from the parks.

In the past conservation was something the folks at SeaWorld did. It was a great thing, but basically Anheuser Busch’s version of goodwill marketing. Now though, conservation is really front and center. So much that it has become the new thing SeaWorld is selling.

Take for instance this video released from “Worlds of Discovery”, the parent company for all the former AB parks. Technically, this was released last November just as the parks were being sold, but the message matches a lot of what I’m seeing from the parks today.

That’s a powerful message that I think will sit well with today’s consumers. Travel budgets are tighter than ever, so if you can travel while making a difference, then so much the better. I expect SeaWorld will continue to refine this message over the next couple years, but I think they’ve got a winner.

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