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Crowd Funding the Dispatch from Disneyland Book – That’s What Friends Are For

When I initially thought about crowd funding my “Dispatch from Disneyland: The Fireworks Spot and Other Tales” book on, I was nervous about how long it would take to reach the goal. So I set my expectations low with a goal that would let me get the book published, but without some of the details I really want to put into the project. You all have blown my expectations out of the water, so much that I’m starting to think about what I can put back into the book if funding passes my initial goal.

In the meantime, as you can see on the widget in the right column, we’re not quite there yet. If you haven’t already, please consider supporting the book project with a Castle Club level pre-order or any of the other rewards tiers. If you don’t feel you can make a pledge right now, some promotion will help. Please link to the project from your blog, facebook, twitter, or even an email to those friends of yours who shares your Disney obsession.

To those who have supported or spread the news about the project thank you for being a great friend. I think this video captures the spirit of the cause – “That’s What Friends are For” from Disney’s Jungle Book.

3 thoughts on “Crowd Funding the Dispatch from Disneyland Book – That’s What Friends Are For”

  1. John, I’m so excited for you! What an incredible display of support by your readers. Looking forward to seeing your creation. You can bet I’m letting my network know about your project.

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