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Could original EPCOT model be restored?

It’s a piece of Disney World history that’s older than Disney World itself. It’s the model of Progress City, aka EPCOT, that you see when you ride through Tomorrowland on the TTA. I knew that the original version of that model was on display at Disneyland a top the Carousel of Progress and that it was moved to Orlando at some point. But I didn’t know exactly how much of the model was sacrificed to fit it in its current space.

The Imagineering Disney blog posts a look at exactly how much was lost and tempts us with news that the model was under consideration for restoration at one point. If that could happen today, we have a cause worth supporting.

Living in Progress City is pretty much every Disney fan boy’s wet dream. To have the model full restored and part of Walt Disney’s vision for the future given a second chance to inspire today’s generations in an age where being aware of out impact on the environment is even more crucial than it ever has been. I believe there is still opportunity to fully realize the vision of EPCOT, a restored model might just be what we need.

2 thoughts on “Could original EPCOT model be restored?”

  1. That would be great! Plus, the model, once restored, might give us the key to save Tony Stark’s life!

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