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The Importance of Being 12 – Tony Baxter

Say what you want about Tony Baxter, he is one of the few Imagineers remaining that bridges the gap between the original designers of Disneyland and the modern day crew that’s working on the parks. He recently gave a talk on “The Importance of Being Twelve” when it comes to creative work and DisUnplugged interviewed him afterwards. The transcript from that interview is now online, I’d love to see a transcript of video of the talk if anyone has that.

In the interview Tony talks about his inspiration for becoming an Imagineer and how Pixar’s method of creation is exactly what the rest of the Walt Disney Company needs to incorporate. Hard to disagree with that.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Being 12 – Tony Baxter”

  1. We/they should not confuse adopting Pixar’s “method of creation” as meaning that everything needs to be based on Pixar characters and stories.

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