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Walt Disney World rolls out monthly payments for annual pass

Long rumored, and even longer needed, the monthly payment program for the Walt Disney World annual pass has finally rolled out. Now, if you meet the limited eligibility requirements, you can spread out the cost of your annual pass over 11 months. This is a good move by Disney and will enable a few more families to afford an AP.

Here are the details:

  • The monthly payment option is available on five Florida Resident passes – the premium annual pass, the annual pass, seasonal pass, week day select pass, and the EPCOT after 4pm pass.
  • At time of purchase you make a payment equal to one full day admission, the remaining amount is divided into 11 payments, the first of which will be charged in the next few days.
  • The total cost of the pass will be the same as if you paid everything in one sum (that’s a nice feature Disney did not have to offer).
  • This is not available for renewals at this time. Only new passes. (Let’s hope that changes soon as encouraging renewals seems something Disney would want to do.)
  • This is only available online right now.

The addition of a monthly payment plan for WDW theme park annual passes has been speculated for some time. Universal Studios and the SeaWorld Adventure Parks both offer monthly payment plans for a sub-section of their annual passes. Disney’s program is fairly limited in its scope right now. Let’s hope WDW is just rolling it out slowly to work out any kinks.

Full program details, and the opportunity to purchase one of the eligible passes, can be found on the WDW website.

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