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“World of Color” Full Show Video

California Adventure’s new “World of Color” show previewed last night for an audience that included radio contest winners. Full show video from that event has now made it online.

One word describes this show for me – WOW!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Certainly beats the “Fantasy Waters” show that used to run at the Disneyland Hotel.

16 thoughts on ““World of Color” Full Show Video”

  1. Lots of great eye candy. But, there’s two elements that make Fantasmic work. A story line and a mixture of projection and 3 dimensional elements. Both things that this show is missing.

    It’s a good show, but I don’t see it lasting as long.

    1. World of Color will be around for a very very long time. A show like World of Color is more comparable to a fireworks show. How long have those been around? There’s not supposed to be a single story line. Rather, it’s mainly just a collage of Disney stuff, some happy, some sad, with music and cool effects. World of Color is to DCA what fireworks are to Disneyland, not Fantasmic.

      1. Totally agree. It’s actually a mix of fireworks (spectacle and music) and Fantasmic (projections, fire, and lighting effects). So yeah, it’s just what DCA needed.

    2. Love Fantasmic and have not seen it nearly as many times as I’d like because of the same reasons that World of Color is going to be crazy in its early days, just too crowded. I agree with you about the difference and a story line. I love the use of all the characters and the use of all the watercraft and of course MIckey ! The thing thats different about WOC is what makes it just as good if not better. No story line means it can change anytime they want to to fit any theme , Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July , you name it and a few program changes and it could be anything anywhere. The other thing is just the sheer monumental size of the show. Its trully spectacular.

  2. Lack of storyline is what I predicted way back when this thing was announced.

    A great technical achievement, but it is ultimately Disney film trailers on water.

    In any case, I’ll see you at Harry Potter Land. Universal is official on par with Disney now.

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  5. That’s what DCA needed 10 years ago. Apsolutely awesome. So what if there no story line. Parades and fireworks both dont have story line, but we love them all the same. Good job Disney. Can wait to see it one day !

  6. Considering that the show originally did have a storyline but was cut after it was discovered that the concept was one of those “better on paper than in practice” ideas.

    I look at this as a first step. Personally, I think the show is an amazing techincal feat and has its amazing moments,(the representation of my all-time favorite Disney scene, The Wilderbeast Chase, was extremely well done IMO), but during testing of the show they had to cut more concepts and change the show around more than people will realize. With the technology in place, I think Imagineering can take a look at what worked and what didn’t, and possibly create an even better show.

  7. I don’t know. It looks pretty cool to me! Amazing colors and effects! Story, or no story – we can pick it apart and be super critical – or we can smile and revel in the memories and sense of childhood wonder it evokes. Am I the only one who’s excited to hear the old World of Color television theme song? I can’t wait to see it live!

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  9. Saw it at the preview on June 10 and it was spectacular in person – like the Northern Lights meet the fountains at the Bellagio…x 1,000!

    Really really lovely

  10. We never should have even tried to stay for the premier. Got different info from every employee we talked to. First it was “You need a Fast Pass” (we didn’t). Then “Your Grand Californian gate may open early” (it didn’t). Actually we couldn’t get in that gate at all due to “Press events” and “celebrity” stuff. Part of staying at that hotel was to have our own entrance into the park.

    Both parks closed early and opened late. DL opened at 10am on Friday. 10AM! “Grad Night” further screwed times. DL closed at 8pm on Thursday and DCA closed at 5. Wow, open from just 10-5.

    Then we needed wristbands to get in DCA just to try for Fast Passes. No one had any idea where to get a wristband. Heard World of Color was standing room only for just 3500 people. That’s crazy if true.

    The whole day Thursday and Friday were just screwed up. No more Premiers for me!

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