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Toy Story 3: Barbie gaff

The problem with naming one of your main characters after a sexual innuendo is that you have to be very careful in your marketing message. Pixar and Disney has done a really good job so far with ‘Woody’ from the Toy Story series, but the packaging on this Barbie doll goes too far.

17 thoughts on “Toy Story 3: Barbie gaff”

  1. And a certain big-box store (coughwalmartcough) isn’t helping matters. A friend of mine has a photo of one of their shelf tags that reads “Woody w/ balls”

    You have to wonder who’s proofreading these things!

  2. I think that at this point, it’s a pretty innocuous tagline. :) It’ll be one more joke in the long list of Barbie jokes, and meanwhile parents and kids will buy the toy anyway. :)

    “Woody w/balls”, now, that has to be a deliberate joke on the part of the Wal-Mart staffer who printed the sign!

  3. You know, I say that in Target the other day and didn’t think a thing of it until you pointed it out. And thank goodness you did because that was the BEST laugh I’ve had all week.

    And yes, you’re terrible. ;-)

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  6. Gary Marshall tells the story of the “Happy Days” spinoff, “Joanie Loves Chachi” – apparently in Korea or some other Asian country, “chachi” is how people say a certain part of the male anatomy.

  7. Why does everyone have to have their minds in the gutter? I see nothing wrong with the package for barbie.

  8. “Why does everyone have to have their minds in the gutter?”

    Because people like sex and sex jokes?

    As if having your “mind in the gutter” is a bad thing.

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