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How a student project opened the doors of Disney for one Imagineer

Progress City, USA has the story of George McGinnis, a student whose undgraduate design project was able to catch the eye of Walt Disney and many Imagineers. Eventually it was the key to his landing a job a WED, know known as Walt Disney Imagineering. These are the stories that drive the dreams of Disney fans everywhere. It’s also very topical as his project concerned a mass transit idea that would help take 1000’s of cars off the road.

McGinnis entered his design for an eastern seaboard high speed rail line that would run non-stop between Boston and Washington DC and still be able to take on and let of passengers along the way (it’s a really nifty solution, make sure to read the article) in a design competition. Unfortunately he lost to an aluminum garden cart. But his presentation made an impact on the school president who mention it to Walt Disney and began a series of events that ended up with McGinnis landing a dream job.

Read the whole story at Progress City, USA.