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More Muppet Viral Videos coming

“American Woman” will be coming soon as a viral video from the team behind the Muppets, according to MTV Movies blog. It’s all part of a well crafted plan to squeeze the Muppets back into the general awareness of the public. Not that they ever really left.

May 5th will see a new viral video done with the producers from LOST (big Muppet fans those losties) and then “American Woman” will come out Memorial Day weekend.

All this will lead up to a new movie featuring the lovable mups, “The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made” is being created by Jason Segal (staring him as well). Muppet Studios general manager Lylle Breier explains:

“The idea really has been, over the last couple of years, to make a Muppet resurgence so that when [Jason Segel’s] movie comes out, everybody in the world would be ready,” she said. For Breier and the rest of the folks at Muppets Studio, it’s really the viral video outbreak that has been the biggest boon to that comeback.

“The Internet was a perfect place to do it. We spent a lot of time thinking about the original ‘Muppet Show’… and we tried to figure out, what would the medium be today?” It was a natural leap from there. “The Muppets did a variety show– [they were] popular in the ’70s. And we started to think, what would they be doing today and realized, you know, the Internet is a lot like a variety show.”

I think they’re doing a great job getting us ready, what do you think? Are you looking forward to the next revival of the Muppets?