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Dancing with the Stars: Week 2 Results

It’s the first elimination of Season 10, and the stakes are always high on the first round of Dancing with the Stars. No one wants to be the first couple sent home. Alas, the ballroom is cruel and unforgiving.

Tom and Brooke didn’t waste any time getting things started. The first couple safe was Buzz and Ashly, who had the lowest scores going after last week and last night’s performances. The bigger shocker was that Pamela and Damian were the first couple in the bottom two. This was a huge upset, since Pam was one of the biggest stars in this season and turned in two solid performances. Maybe there are too many stars at this point and she got lost in the shuffle?

The show didn’t give us much time to ponder this, as we were rushed into a recap of last night, narrated by Len. And then, to no one’s surprise, the judges chose Nicole and Derek’s jive as the encore performance. Hey, when you get the season’s first 10’s, you’re pretty much guaranteed the encore.

After a commercial break, we were treated to a “ballroom fusion” performance from the DWTS pros, choreographed by Michael Jackson’s choreographers. As far as I can tell, “ballroom fusion” means “ballroom + music video dancing.” It was nice, but strange. And Adam Carrolla is back this season to do running commentary/random stuff. This week, Adam hilariously called out Buzz’s impressive collection of astronaut t-shirts (6 so far), Chad’s post-dance pouting, and Pam and Damian’s collective blondeness. I’m not sure how often Adam will be on these results shows, but I enjoyed his segment this week.

More results – Aidan and Edyta are safe, as are Niecy and Louis. Turns out, getting low scores can translate to high voting rates. And here’s some news – Samantha Harris’s shoulda-been replacement Melissa Rycroft is starring in this season’s Macy’s Design-a-Dance competition. You can vote on who her partner should be at (I’m hoping for Joey Fatone).

This week’s musical guest was The Beach Boys (with John Stamos!), who sang a medley of their greatest hits as the pros took the floor. The Beach Boys and ballroom dance don’t really match, musically speaking, resulting in this week’s “go to the kitchen for more snacks” moment.

Weird Montage of the Week: The Len Commandments of Ballroom. This involved Len dressing as Moses and decreeing things like, “Thou Shalt Not Kill Time,” “Thou Shalt Not Interrupt Me,” and “Thou Shalt Not Do Lifts.” Len then challenged each couple to step it up and tell a story through their dance next week. I have a feeling this will yield mixed results.

Finally, we were back to the eliminations. Evan and Anna were sent to safety (yay!), followed by Jake and Chelsie and Nicole and Derek. And then, just like that, we had to wait to find out more (grr!). This week’s Macy’s Stars of Dance was a tribute to Haiti, and it was nice to see Dancing with the Stars bring attention to a worthy cause.

Newly minted co-host Brooke Burke got her own montage to talk about how busy her life is and how much she enjoys being back on the show. So far, I think Brooke has done a great job (Samantha who?), but this segment was totally unnecessary.

Back to results – Erin and Maks were pronounced safe, along with Chad and Cheryl. And then, the big shock. Kate and Tony were safe. Yes, safe. You read that right. That left Shannen and Mark and Pamela and Damien in the bottom two. To anyone who watched the show last night and last week, these results are complete and utter nonsense.

And then, Season 10 delivered it’s first major shock: Shannen and Mark were sent home. I thought Shannen delivered two perfectly respectable performances, but maybe viewers were turned off by her attitude in rehearsals, or maybe it was because they danced first and weren’t as fresh in viewers’ minds. In a weird twist of fate, Mark announced that he injured his knee in rehearsals and would have had to quit this season anyway. Still, I was sorry to see Shannen go home so early.

What did you think of the results? Did Shannen deserve to go home?

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1 thought on “Dancing with the Stars: Week 2 Results”

  1. Maybe it is more fun to hate Kate than to hate Shannon?? I really feel that Kate needs to go home. She brings nothing to the show. I was shcoked that Pamela was in the bottom two, I like her and I like her style. Best of all I am glad that Buzz is still there. Why invite an elder statseman and then vote him off the fisrt week. He is one classy guy who deserves to stay around for quite some time. I can only imagine what next week will bring!!

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