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The Morning Report – Wednesday Wishing

Today is Ada Lovelace day celebrating the women of technology. I can’t think of a better Disney Legend to honor than Harriet Burns. Neither can Jennifer of Broke Hoedown either.

Amanda Tinney has posted video of Chris Brogan’s talk from the Disney Social Media Moms convention back in February. If you blog or use social media it’s worth a watch.

ABC is being sued by a teen who claims being on the reality TV show “Wife Swap” has ruined her life. She was the beauty queen daughter if you remember that episode.

Steve Hulett at the Animation Guild makes some interesting points in regards to an interview making the rounds last week. ToonZone has their own take on what’s wrong with Animation.

Empire Online looks at the story behind TRON Legacy.

Jim Hill Media chats with the original Imagineer Show Producer for Captain EO. Have you seen the encore performance yet?

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