Music Video filmed ‘inside’ Disneyland Paris

Was just sent this link of Dutch performer Jan Smit’s video of “Leef Nu Het Kan which is burning up the charts in the Netherlands. He kind of has that Tony Curtis look and a somewhat catchy tune. The video however is the cool thing, it appears to be shot inside Disneyland Paris.

This proves that with some ‘clever’ green screen work and editing you too can have your own video inside the parks. What I want to know is how did he get the Disney characters in there?

4 thoughts on “Music Video filmed ‘inside’ Disneyland Paris”

  1. Are you sure that they used green screen? And this has to have something to do with Disney in order for the characters to be there, legally, right?!

  2. This is partly shot inside Disneyland Paris and partly in front of a green screen. The main reason why it looks fake is it’s shot as a 3D clip.

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