An “UP” Night at the Oscars

Congrats to the well deserving crew up in Emeryville that worked on Pixar’s “UP”. It brought home two Academy Awards last night. One for best animated picture and one for best original score. I thought it was a nice touch that the people from Pixar in attendance wore the ‘Bottle Cap’ button that was so iconic from the movie.

“UP” did lose for best screenplay. Frankly if they’re going to give animated films a separate best picture category, they should do the same for Screenplays since they’re written so differently from the average script. “Up” failed to collect in the best “Sound Editing” category as well.

On the other hand, Disney’s The Princess and The Frog was shut-out from the awards last night. It lost to “UP” for best animated picture, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Disney has a way to go to return to Beauty and the Beast level of animated story telling.

The Princess and the Frog was also nominated for some of its music Unfortunately it was composed by Randy Newman, which the Academy just barely tolerates. And since they already gave him an award for Monster’s Inc’s “If I didn’t have you” in 2002. That’s it for any film that uses Newman for its songs.

In a footnote to the ceremony, ABC/Disney and Cablevision settled their differences just past midnight and viewers in the NYC area were able to turn into WABC about 10 minutes after the show started.

I think the big loser last night was the show’s producers. The supposed new vision for this years production was no where to be seen. Despite their best efforts the show ran long, and worse, it dragged. Long moments were interminably slow and the lack of humor or Hollywood pizazz had me wanting an escape hatch about 40 minutes in.

What did you think? Will you watch next year?