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Lost Season 6: Sundown (Episode 6)

Well, well. We just might be in the final season of Lost. “Sundown” was episode 6 so we’re not quite halfway through the season. But, it felt like a million and a half things happened last night. The story line actually went somewhere on The Island. Of course, we didn’t really get any answers about WHY or WHEREFORE. But nonetheless, I’m feeling like we’re getting to the end.

Of course, my revelation from last week—that our flash-sideways are going to redeem our Losties was completely false. If this week was redemption for Sayid or Jin, well, I feel sorry for them.

There’s so much story line to talk about, I’ll try to keep it brief (*snort*). Here goes…

Sayid. LA. Present Day.

Sayid shows up to a sweet suburban house with yellow roses. And who opens the door with hugs and clasped hands? Oh, Nadia. However, when two kids run up to him calling him “Uncle Sayid”,  I knew it wasn’t going to be happy. Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother, Omer.

You can feel Sayid and Nadia’s unrequited love. You can also feel the tension between Omer and Nadia. And soon we find out why–Omer owes someone (not a bank!) some money. Lots of money. Omer asks Sayid to help him cancel the debt. He says, “I know what kind of man you are.” Sayid looks with his sad sad eyes and says, “I’m not that man anymore.” FORESHADOWING, people!!!

Soon enough Omer is admitted to the hospital after a “mugging” and Sayid is ready for blood. (So soon, o changed man?) Nadia pleads with him to stop and just wait with the children–protect them. And reluctantly, Sayid obeys. When Nadia returns home from Omer’s bedside she asks Sayid why he pushed her to Omer’s side. Sayid explains that he does not deserve her. Insinuating that he is too evil for her goodness. FORESHADOWING, people!!!

The next morning Sayid is picked up by some suave looking bad guys. They lead him to a restaurant (it’s always a restaurant, isn’t it?) where KEAMY is cooking up some eggs. And oh, Keamy. I love to hate him. He’s like a slick Biff from Back to the Future. And even though Keamy is deliciously disgusting while trying to intimidate Sayid into getting Omer’s money, you have to feel sorry for him. We’ve been through 5 seasons with Sayid. And if there is one thing we have learned it is that Sayid is BAD TO THE BONE. And although I was hoping for some kind of big Islandness to their conversation, I was not surprised when Sayid killed Keamy and his two henchmen.

However, I was VERY surprised, that after this little hiccup in Sayid’s day, he discovers someone in the kitchen’s freezer. And not just anyone: It was JIN. Beaten and tied. Does anyone speak Korean? What did he tell Sayid when his mouth was uncovered? And what if this was a double entendre for our episode title—SUN down?!!


This one might get a little hairy. Let’s go by character, shall we?

Sawyer. Not there. Hmph.

Jack and Hurley. Still at the Lighthouse. Yawn.

Claire. She enters the Temple (under unLocke’s direction) and tells everyone that Jacob is dead. Dogen puts her in “the hole.” She’s quite happy in the hole and sings “Catch a Falling Star” and gleefully proclaims that “He is coming. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” She’s a horror movie waiting to happen.

Sayid. Sayid storms into Dogen’s temple office to confront him about the poison. He wants to know why they hooked him up to the machine and why they tried to kill him. Dogen calmly tells him that the evil side of his life’s scale outweighed the good side. And he’d be better off dead.

This does not please Sayid. He attacks Dogen who, is apparently a kung-fu-bad-to-the-bone master himself. They are tit for tat until Dogen has Sayid pinned with a knife to his throat. However, just then, Dogen’s precious baseball falls to the ground. It distracts him and changes his mind. He tells Sayid to leave and never return.

But just then Claire enters. After her happy news, Dogen asks Sayid to do something for him. He wants Sayid to kill the Man in Black. He tells Sayid the man will appear to him as someone he knows. Someone who has died. Sayid is to plunge Dogen’s spooky looking knife into his chest. But he must do it before the man says a word, or it will be too late.

Sayid asks why he would do such a thing. Dogen tells him to prove that there is still goodness in his soul.

And for whatever reason, Sayid decides to do it. This is the story of Sayid’s life. His only skill set is to hurt people. He struggles with this. He doesn’t want to do it but his sense of proving-that-I’m-really-a-good-guy actually makes him do the thing he doesn’t want to do. (see: every episode that features Sayid killing someone.)

Sayid begins his jaunt through the jungle when suddenly he hears Smokey. *shudder* Soon, unLocke is standing before him. He says, “Hello, Sayid.” And Sayid, like the obedient soldier he is, stabs unLocke in the heart. Of course, nothing happens. Either because Dogen was wrong. Or because Dogen was right.

Our new friend, unLocke begins to work his magic on Sayid. Soon, he talks Sayid into returning to the temple and delivering a message for him. Why would Sayid do this? unLocke promises to give Sayid what he wants most. And what does Sayid want most? “The thing I want most died in my arms.” Nadia? Shannon?

So, of course, either because of Sayid’s desperate need to prove his worthiness, his desire to have a woman in his arms or because he’s just been bamboozled by unLocke, he returns to the Temple and delivers this message:  Jacob is dead. You do not need to stay in the Temple. There is a Man in the jungle who is leaving The Island. You can leave with him. Or stay here and die. You have until sundown.

This starts a panic. Many people flee from the Temple. Except Dogen. But we’ll get to him in a minute…

Right on schedule, at sundown Smokey arrives. He spares no one (very Passover-ish, don’t you think?). Finally, we see Sayid walking out of the Temple toward unLocke and his new band of merry men. And Sayid has a new glint in his eye. It’s one I’ve seen before–in Rousseau and Claire.

Dogen Poor Dogen. He is doing his very best. He is trying to save The Others and the Temple. He’s trying to be loyal to Jacob. But when Sayid arrives bearing unLocke’s message he realizes it’s over. Dogen is sitting by the holy springs holding his baseball. Sayid approaches and Dogen tells his story (dang! that means we won’t get a real backstory!)…

He was a successful businessman in Osaka. His coworkers took him out to celebrate a particularly great promotion. He had too much to drink and drove drunk to pick up his son from baseball. The accident was severe. While he was recuperating, a man he did not know came to his bedside and promised to save his son’s life if he would come to The Island and work for him—and never see his son again. We know what Dogen chose. And why he cherishes the baseball.

Sayid is unimpressed. He grabs Dogen and holds him under the water until Dogen releases the baseball. And his life. Lennon enters stage right and his life is ended by Sayid, too.

Kate. She finds her way back to the Temple (because she’s such a great tracker, remember?) and without much fanfare enters. Miles is the first to see her. He says, “So, Sawyer sent you packin’, huh?” *snicker* He then tells her that Claire came back (and she’s still hot). Kate runs through the temple and is given 2 minutes with Claire (I can’t remember who let her in or gave her these 2 minutes…).

Kate is her usual dense self and says, “Claire! What are you doing here? They don’t have Aaron? I took him. You were gone. I raised him. He’s amazing. I came back to bring you to him.” Seriously? You don’t have any questions for her? Like, why is your hair a matted mess? Why do you look like Rosseau? Why are you singing “Catch a Falling Star” happily at the bottom of a hole? Why did you leave Aaron on a leaf in the jungle?

Claire gets all evil on Kate and tells her that “He’s coming.” and that it’s safer here. Kate hears Smokey coming and hangs off the cliff of the hole with Claire while Smokey flies by above them. Kate is terrified. Claire? Not so much.

Miles. Poor Miles has been playing tic-tac-toe and solitare for the last three weeks. When Smokey arrives, Miles and Kate both run. Kate toward Claire and Miles toward safety. As he’s blockading himself in a temple room, Ilana, Lapidus, Ben and Sun arrive. They all follow Ilana down Hurley’s secret passageway and are apparenetly safe.

Stuff I Forgot To Mention

1. Ben approaches Sayid at the very end. He tells Sayid there is still time to escape. Ben backs away when Sayid says “not for me”. I love when Ben is scared out of his mind.

2. Miles tells Sun that Jin is alive. Poor Sun and Jin. Still on opposite sides.

3. Dogen and Sayid’s conversation pre-murder had a few more details that may be important. Sayid and Dogen seem to have been offered the same thing–the life of the one they love. But offered by two different people. I wonder if this gives us a clue to the identities/powers/motive of Jacob and the Man in Black?

Stuff to Talk About

1. Why was Jin in the fridge? I thought the last time we saw him in LA, he was being led away by the police? How in the world would he get away and then be in a mobster’s care after that? Where is Sun?

2. Sayid is bad. Seriously. Not just bad to the bone. He is officially crazy-dark-bad compliments of Smokey.

3. What’s next? unLocke and the newest Others leave The Island? He picks off Miles and his crew one by one? LA is just the concrete jungle? I’m not feelin’ too happy about the prospects of our final season.


This episode was much more character driven than the earlier episodes. I love seeing Sayid in ever scene. This was the first time both realities were equal. Sayid was bad bad bad in both. He was his “true self” however horrible and conflicted it might be. I’m sad for Sayid. Yet interested to see in where this new badness leads him. What did you think? Is there hope for Sayid? Claire? Any of The Island inhabitants?

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2 thoughts on “Lost Season 6: Sundown (Episode 6)”

  1. I loved the character development too. Poor Sayid. We want so much for him to turn over a new leaf and redeem himself, but he cannot escape it.

    I like Doc Jensen’s theory about Jacob and unLocke, similar to what you’ve presented in recent weeks too. They are both demi-gods that need each other. Without the other, there is chaos, they balance the equation. One represents beginnings (Jacob), the other endings (unLocke).

    I loved seeing Keamy! And Jin? I have no idea how he got there, except these are the mobsters that he was sent to by Mr. Paik.

    Loved this episode!!

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