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Lawsuit targets Swan & Dolphin Resort

Two Orlando resorts are being sued by workers who were contracted through a third party to work at the hotel. That third party is not able to make payroll and now the workers are looking to the hotel for their paychecks. One of the hotels is the Swan & Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World.

I’ve worked with some people who were employed by VR Services. For the most part, very nice people who are just trying to get ahead in life. Just like all of us.

“The hotel is obviously sympathetic to them, but it is true they’re not employees of the hotel”

I think that this quote from the Swan & Dolphin Resort spokesperson is deliberately ignoring the benefit the workers of VR Services provided the hotel. The S&D benefited from the employee’s hours of labor and now they have a responsibility to make sure they’re paid for that labor. If the S&D contracted with a company that couldn’t fulfill the contract, that’s not the worker’s fault.

This whole situation is one reason I am not in favor of Disney using outside firms to perform duties like valet, housekeeping, and custodial work. Just the mere act of outsourcing shows the company places a lesser value on those roles, even though they’re all part of the ‘Disney Show’. The hotels are basically abandoning their responsibility for that part of the property but receiving all the benefits. They should not be allowed to do that and hopefully the courts will agree.