Another Disney Store closing

The string of closures impacting Disney Stores across North America continues. This time a store in Fort Wayne, Indiana gets the axe. This appears to be part of a strategy by The Disney Stores to take advantage of the down commercial real estate market and negotiate some better rental rates for the new more interactive Apple store influenced stores that will start to open around the country later this year.

If that means The Disney Store can afford to offer better merchandise at lower prices, then by all means go ahead. But closing stores to shift merchandise purchases on line, well they already tried that and it didn’t work so well.

4 thoughts on “Another Disney Store closing”

  1. To be honest I am still quite upset and puzzled why they closed the World of Disney store in NYC. I’ve been going to that store on a regular basis for the last 5 yrs. and it was ALWAYS packed – with people buying. They claimed to close the store because rent was too high on 5th Ave…which we all know they can afford…and now they will be opening a new plain Disney store (like the mall ones but new version)in Times Square later this fall. I’m sorry but rent in Times Square is no better so they really didn’t have a good reason IMO. The new one won’t even carry pins or park merchandise.

  2. Disney store in Grand Rapids Michigan is closing this month, wife went yesterday and store shipped out all Tiana stuff and shipped in a lot of Stich junk.

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