McDonalds Leaving Orlando’s Downtown Disney

Like those burgers and fries for sale under the Golden Arches in Downtown Disney? Well, you’re going to have to travel to the other end of Disney property, down by the All Star resorts, to get them after April 30th (there’s a closer location at Crossroads, but I know how some people are loathe to leave property while on vacay). McDonalds is closing their location in the Downtown Disney marketplace.

While I can’t say I’m upset to see this particular restaurant location closing, some people might miss the opportunity to pick up a quick burger or some fries. To that end, I hope Disney makes some space for a location something like the Shake Shack somewhere on the Marketplace side of the property.

Instead we’re getting Pollo Campero, which specializes in Latin chicken (the second Latin food restaurant to open in Downtown Disney recently). I hope the food is good and the prices reasonable, which is all you can really ask of a fast food location these days. Free Wi-Fi would be good too.

McDonald’s vanishing act should be the final curtain on the parting of the ways that began a few years ago when Disney made the logical choice to associate their brand with food that was not so bad for you or the kiddies. So you’ll find princess logos on apples (the fruit not the mobile device maker) now instead of Happy Meals. No complaints here. I hope somewhere Bob Iger is standing under a banner that reads “Mission Accomplished”