Disney Store closing only store in Vancouver

The closing of the only Disney Store in Vancouver, BC has raised the ire of Disney fans in the area and generated a petition to keep it open.

According to numerous Internet posts, the store is set to close on Saturday, Jan. 23, or earlier if it sells out of its merchandise.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 1,500 people had signed up to a Facebook site dubbed, “Petition to Save Metrotown Disney Store.”

Many seem to be taking the closure personally and with some angst. One post to the site said, “What, how can they do this to us, this is the only Disney Store in the Greater Vancouver area.”

Part of me wonders if this isn’t part of The Disney Store’s move to a new type of store that might require a new location to make it work. But if they’re just closing the only Vancouver location permanently, they need to rethink that.

14 thoughts on “Disney Store closing only store in Vancouver”

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  2. I can see closing and opening somewhere else in Vancouver. But, honestly, Disney Stores in Canada are so scarce, we can’t really afford to have the only one in an entire province shut down.

  3. Do you really NEED to have a store when you’ve got the internet? I mean anyone, anywhere can shop at the Disney Store. I suppose you miss the experience of the in person visit, but otherwise it is all the same.

  4. Adrian, the Disney Store online doesn’t always offer 100% of the items available at the physical store. And more than half of the fun in the whole thing is going to the Disney Store and seeing the wonderful Disney… I don’t even know what to call it. All of the decor and beautiful ceiling models and things. There are a few Disney Stores that don’t have these (the cold, white ones), but the old ones with the pink-lettered “Disney” sign still do, as do a number of others. It’s just another great part of the Disney experience, is what it comes down to. And when you’re shutting down the only one in what’s got to be at least a 100-mile radius, there’s no way the fans are going to like it.

  5. Hey Lotus Land …. seems Disney doesn’t like their operations in the Prairies either.

    The scuttlebutt in Winnipeg is that the Disney Store located in the St. Vital Shopping Center is about to close permanently.

    Is this a Canada wide trend?

  6. I believe they are interested in Canada. Just that they’re moving to nextgen stores and need new locations (and lower rent if they can get it, I imagine). So it might be closed, but if they find a place and a lease that works, they’ll be back. Eventually.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up John! Guess I should’ve done a little more checking! Just for ur info though, seems only 3 Canadian Stores are affected by closure. Those located in BC., MB., & Ont.!

  8. i am a big fan of disney so i think that moving the disney store somewhere else is supid i think the place you are at is good think about it Amanda king kelowna bc

  9. Our Halifax store in Nova Scotia is closing too….there will be no local Disney magic anymore. :( I am personally saddened by this because it’s the place I go to get a “hit” of Disney because it takes so long for me to save up for trips to the resort….years between each trip. I could always count on Disney service, smiles and atmosphere….to the comment above, no way is it like shopping online…you go for the immersive experience, the atmosphere and decore etc and to talk to other Disney fans (shoppers or the WONDERFUL sales people). Halifax is so small, I bet we won’t get one of the new interactive stores. Oh, it’s really a big bottle of sad. Poo.

  10. this is my fav store in the whole mall why do you have to close i would pay you give you alot of money to stay open if i had it please stay open amanda

  11. We have travelled from Vancouver Island twice to go this store and when I got to the mall in Feb it was the number 1 reason for coming here… Pity that the closest store is not in Alderwood Mall north of Seattle.

  12. I’m sure there is a plan behind the close of some stores. I think a New design or Prototype is in the near future….
    Take care……JD former Store Manager.

  13. you are not aloud to close disney store it is the best store in metro town and I hope they will put one in Prince george bc canada in Pine centre mall because Prince george needs a disney store

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