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Fine for Monorail Accident reduced, excuse me?

Disney and OHSA have settled the fine situation that resulted from its investigation of the July Monorail accident.

Under the agreement, Disney agreed to correct all four safety violations cited by OSHA, including one lapse that the agency said contributed to the monorail crash.

The agency cited Disney for broadly failing to recognize the potential hazards of driving the monorail trains in reverse. OSHA noted, for instance, that Disney did not follow safety recommendation from the trains’ manufacturer, Bombardier Inc., calling for the use of an observer positioned at the back end of a train whenever one is backing up.

Disney in December adopted a new policy requiring spotters whenever trains are reversing.

The fine was reduced to $35,200, down from an initial amount of $44,000. Okay, we know that OHSA works in mysterious ways, but if anything I think a larger fine was needed to drive home the importance of safety improvements. But I guess that’s just me.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)