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Disney donates $100,000 to Haiti Relief

The Walt Disney Company is well acquainted with the island nation of Haiti. Many of the items sold in the theme parks and stores are manufactured there and when Walt Disney World needed to look outside the central Florida area for cast members when unemployment was at an all time low, Haiti provided a large percentage of those hires. So it’s nice to see Disney making a $100,000 contribution to the Red Cross to help with Haiti Relief efforts.

Disney CEO Robert Iger released this quote, “We hope this donation will help the Red Cross to provide immediate aid and relief to the thousands of people affected by this terrible tragedy.”

I’ve put out feelers to WDW PR to see if the resort is doing anything on it’s own to help those cast members who might have friends and family in Haiti. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

14 thoughts on “Disney donates $100,000 to Haiti Relief”

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  2. I agree. $100k in comparison to Disney’s profit as the world’s largest media conglomerate? Paltry is the word that comes to mind.

  3. I also feel that Disney’s donation seems paltry if not down right cheep. As stated “The Walt Disney Company is well acquainted with the island nation of Haiti. Many of the items sold in the theme parks and stores are manufactured there…..” they pay these people around $2.00 a day to work in factories manufaturing T-shirts that sell for $20.00.
    Corporate greed is alive and well in the Magic Kingdom.

  4. When you see the significant amounts that are being contributed by single individuals in the entertainment industry, it is scandalous how little Disney has committed. Before this becomes a big PR black eye for the corporation, suggest they up the ante quickly – say, $1 million? Just a suggestion.

  5. I think you are all ridiculous. Disney at the end of the day, is a business; not a nation, not a country, not a government, a business! They are not obligated to give anything at all to anyone, for any reason! The simple fact that they are giving anything should be applauded!! What exactly have you all done, or contributed individually, other then your criticism?!

    1. Hey Jorge. You need to youtube Mickey Mouse goes to Haiti. With that said, Disney should be breaking their backs for Haiti, the same way the people of Haiti broke their backs making t shirts at long fast productions with dirt cheap pay that wouldnt feed one man. The foulness perpetrated by Disney.

  6. This is a slap in the face to Haiti!
    Disney has profited soooo much from exploiting Haitian workers, mostly women & children.
    And, Jorge, you seem to be unaware that there are laws (such as child labor & minimum wage) that Disney has violated. It is not a secret, it has been going on for a long time. Shame on them! Human Rights are what we should be teaching our children.
    Also, I have personally donated more of my income (percentage-wise I mean) to Doctors Without Borders than Disney has so please don’t assume. My criticism of Disney comes from caring for other people. As a citizen of the world, I don’t think the US should benefit from other people’s suffering.
    This is beyond irony, it’s almost evil. I urge everyone to boycott Disney until they provide all workers with human rights & fair wages.

  7. WOW. It’s amazing how any of you can criticize Disney or anyone else for the amount of money that they donate. ANYTHING is more than anyone is obligated to do, so we should be thankful for ALL of the donations, regardless of how large or small we may think that they are. Just because a business is profitable doesn’t mean that they automatically HAVE to give tons of money, whether they do business there or not.

    Think of it this way, if they didn’t have factories in Haiti would you have expected them to give anything at all?

    1. Disney’s profits are based, in part, on their abuse of the workers in their sweatshops. Haiti, Indonesia, Vietnam, now China: I agree with the other posters who view this as a slap in the face. Disney, like-minded corporations, our government and much of white, so-called 1st world nations have for centuries colonized, brutalized, occupied and disempowered the Haitian people. 200,000 is likely less than disney’s executives write off as business expenses for six months worth of power lunches…

  8. Disney should have kept their donation to save the embarrassment! Really? You actually gave 100K? What made you go out of your way to do that? I will never support the Disney corporation in any way I can!
    Yes Jules, you are correct that corporations that make billions of dollars don’t ever have to commit one red cent to improve humanity! We can also choose not to support the revenues that enable them to continue their selfish ways!

  9. I googled Disney today expecting their contribution to Haiti to be significant given they profit off entertaining children to the tune of 36.1 billion in 2009 and wow Americans with their commitment to children. Countless children orphaned in Haiti and they only given $100,000?!!? I just cancelled my Disney vacation for next year tonight! A 7 year old in England, Charlie Simpson raise more than that!!!

  10. To be fair to Disney, that $100,000 was a cash donation. They have since given quite a bit in in-kind donations, including letter the Hope For Haiti telethon use the Disney parks reservation phone system to collection donations. I personally believe they could do more for Haiti, but to say $100,000 is all they did, is untrue.

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