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Sunday Roundup – Disney News and Links

Time to close some open browser tabs with interesting Disney news and links.

New Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Tom Staggs toured Walt Disney World recently, some pics are up on the Disney Parks blog.

Fans of Vintage Disney will be able to kill a few hours browsing through this new search engine of Vintage ads.

Speaking of Vintage, the always fabulous Covering The Mouse blog is back with a new design and new reviews of artists who perform their own versions of Disney’s famous tunes, vintage and not.

Some surprising thoughts about The Princess and The Frog from Feministing. Especially when considering these views by certain religious groups that the movie is ‘demonic‘. Oh brother.

Rumors are building that Walt Disney Animation Studios will shortly have a big announcement. Lots of speculation about what it could be. My suspicion is that WDAS will be leaving the Hat building. The building was never really a good fit operational wise for the process of animation. Directors and assistants spent all day running up and down the stairs to visit their movie in different stages of animation, one floor would be over crowded and the other nearly empty, etc.

As part of their excellent coverage of CES, Engadget found the details of how Disney’s KeyChest system will work. The idea is to let you share content you purchase for one device on other devices without having to pay for it again. All this and no DRM, which doesn’t really work anyway. Basically it’s a cheap way for people who want to pay for content to do so without feeling like they’re being played by a system that takes advantage of them.

Suri Cruise likes the Mary Poppins musical playing in Los Angeles. So much that Tom and Katie brought her to the show twice. The whole family got a photo taken with the original super nanny.

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