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New Animation Building at Disney Studios named after Roy E. Disney

Update: My sources tell me its definitely a new building. My guess is that TV or the direct-to-dvd folks will move into the hat building.

Update: ABC7 is reporting that they’re just renaming the current building. While that’s still nice, we’ll see. A new animation building is needed.

That big announcement coming from Walt Disney Animation Studios was indeed the confirmation that feature animation would be moving from the Hat building located across the street from the Walt Disney Studios. That was pretty much common knowledge. But the surprise was that they’ll be naming the new building after Roy E. Disney.

That’s a great move and to announce it on the anniversary of Roy’s birth was class. The Roy E. Disney Animation Building will be on the actual lot, as is fitting the central role animation plays in the past and future of the Walt Disney Company. That’s a truth Roy worked hard to make people remember and now it will be remembered everytime cast and crew enters the building.

Earlier today a celebration of Roy E. Disney’s life was held at the El Capitan in Hollywood. Reports are that it was a wonderful send off.

7 thoughts on “New Animation Building at Disney Studios named after Roy E. Disney”

  1. The ABC station in LA did a story on the service, and behind Iger’s head was a rendering of the current Hat building with the words “Roy E. Disney Animation Building” above the entrance. So no, the animation building isn’t moving from the Hat building. It would be pretty stupid to do that. What else would they use that building for?

  2. That is fantastic news. It makes perfect sense to name it after Roy, and congratulations to all those fortunate artists who will be working on the main studio lot. That’s where the heart and soul of the company belongs, after all (though a revived studio in Florida would be appreciated by those of us still here, as well…).

  3. Fantastic news. A nice tribute to Roy, and a great show of support for Feature Animation. I’m sure the animators will be very happy to get out of the Hat building…

  4. Apparently it’s going to be the Southside (“Hat”) building that is to be renamed after Roy, and not a new building on the lot, nor the original Animation building.

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