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Beauty and the Beast in 3-D postponed indefinitely

CORRECTION: As pointed out by reader Alexander in comments, Beauty and the Beast producer Don Hahn mentioned at the D23 Expo last year that the re-release has been postponed until some time in 2011 (exactly when has not yet been determined), primarily to have it coincide with the film’s 20th anniversary. Hollywood trade publication Variety actually reported the news this past October in a piece about releases scheduled for 2011, to no fanfare online.

How this all got past myself, John, and others, I do not know! Disney PR didn’t tell me of any such change, only that the re-release had been dropped from their schedule for this year. Still, my apologies.

As honestly embarrassed as I am to be having to correct a story so thoroughly, I’m exceedingly happy that the release of one of my favourite Disney classics in 3-D has not been cancelled or “postponed indefinitely”.

The much talked about re-release of Beauty and the Beast in Disney Digital 3-D, previously scheduled for this February 12,  has been quietly dropped from Disney’s theatrical release schedule for 2010 and no new release date has yet been set, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures PR confirmed for me about an hour ago after I inquired about advanced screenings of the film.

This is really too bad. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Beauty and the Beast on the big screen in 3-D ever since the re-release was announced. I’d hope for an early 2011 release but that would make no sense if the film’s Blu-ray release proceeds as planned this Fall, and a delay of the Blu-ray would be very unfortunate and unwise as well. None of this makes any sense.

Sill, there are numerous possible reasons I can think of for the delay or possible cancellation. The first thing that comes to mind is that the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3-D double feature could certainly have done better at the box office. New Walt Disney Studios chairman Rich Ross is making a lot of changes to Disney’s film slate (mostly good), and may have been of the opinion that ‘Beauty in 3-D would not draw in audiences and axed the release, even though Disney already spent millions on the 3-D conversion process. It’s very doubtful that there were any technical problems; those who’ve seen portions of the re-mastered film have been surprised and pleased by what they saw.

In any case, I’m very dissapointed. Somewhat outraged, actually. I  would like to hear what explanation Disney has for this. Your thoughts?

19 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast in 3-D postponed indefinitely”

  1. two things come to mind…
    first, Toy Story/Toy Story 2 just wasn’t out long enough, in my opinion. I imagine that the limited engagement was designed to get people there right then. But I know that I was incredibly disappointed I couldn’t make it (I was out of town one of the two weeks it was around… the other was stuffed with back-to-business mode, and it didn’t “get extended” in my area), as were other friends of mine.
    two, I think the potential audience is much greater for Beauty and the Beast. That film was in the midst of the golden age as far as many fans are concerned, and one could argue that Toy Story was the end of that era. Therefore, people not running to Toy Story in 3D can’t possibly be a good indication of B&theB’s potential success.

    1. the toy story 3D rerelease was actually extended to almost 2 months, right before the end of the 2nd week, they announced the decision to keep it in theatres longer. I know after it left el capitan it was over at the chinese theatre in hollywood for about 4 weeks.

  2. Hmmm…I did not realize that Beauty and the Beast was even scheduled for a 3D release…BUT I so enjoyed the Toy Story 1 & 2 release! After that experience, I would have been first in line to see Beauty (and any other Disney or Disney/Pixar #D re-releases).

  3. Where have you guys been? Don Hahn announced at the D23 expo that it’s being held back for the 20th Anniversary in 2011 as it presents a much better marketing opportunity (and they are a teeny bit behind schedule)

  4. I don’t care for 3D, and really wasn’t impressed with what we saw of BatB in 3D at Comic Con this past year. I, for one, won’t miss it.

  5. NOOOOOOOO! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite move EVER and i was super excited to see it in 3D, this really sucks!!!

  6. Thanks so much for your comment, Alexander. You’re the first to mention that an announcement was made at D23 about a delay to 2011 for the 20th anniversary. That would actually make sense.

    Nobody I’ve talked to has heard this and there’s no references online but I’m definitely going to look into it and will update the post if anything new comes to light.

    I sure hope your right!

  7. I haven’t been entirely keen on a 3-D release of BatB. I got myself extremely excited for The Nightmare Before Christmas, and that was just a waste. TS/TS2 3-D was a great experience, because the theater was filled with mostly adults and teens who grew up with the movies, laughing and clapping and having so much fun. But if I was just seeing the movie to see the 3-D effects, I would’ve been disappointed. Face it, these movies weren’t MADE for 3-D. You’ll have the occasional “reach out and touch it” parts, but the majority is still going to be a flat movie.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. Another thing we can’t forget in all these types of decisions is that Princess and the Frog has largely been a box office dud. If Disney “carefully evaluated” animated releases and re-releases before, you can bet your knickers they are as flummoxed right now about Princess as they’ve ever been about anything–and all release plans are being thoroughly reevaluated.

    1. what are talking about box office dud, princess and the frog is still performing pretty well in line with previous disney animated classics, at this point its just a wee bit off where aladdin was at this point in its run, and that went on the become the number 2 hand drawn movie ever with 217 million.

      princess and frog is right around 90 million and will probably pass 100 million in just a few days.

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  10. This is so freakin unfair. I heard about this over a year ago and have been planning this as my birthday outing for myself since its my alltime fave and my birthday is only 5 days b4 it was scheduled to open. Thanks a lot Disney…really F’d that up for me!

  11. i was lookin’ foward to see it this year, but
    now they postponed it until 2011. but, what the hell. i’ll wait.

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