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A Foolish view on Marvel and Disney

The Moteley Fool‘s Ric Munarriz has a look at how Disney can spin some gold from its acquisition of Marvel Entertainment.

First, understand that the big Marvel names are all spoken for with long term contracts. So Disney won’t be able to get its hands on Spiderman or Iron Man or even the X-men (although some X-men related titles may be available).

That said, Disney needs to use the titles that are available to win back the teen boys who haven’t been on board since the days of Disney Afternoon cartoons like Gargoyles and Talespin. This will broaden Disney’s range and can be used attract new visitors to all products.

Munarriz believes that Disney should make sure that the folks at Pixar have a say in which properties they’d like to develop. They’ve shown, primarily through Brad Bird, that they know how to handle super heroes.

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