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Bus Crash at Magic Kingdom with reported injuries

WFTV is reporting on a Walt Disney World resort bus that crashed near the gates to the Magic Kingdom last night. Injuries were reported, but no word on their severity. Video shows that the accident was nothing serious.

This is yet another accident in a string of incidents that have been affecting the Walt Disney World transportation system. From the bomb threat that turned out to be a GPS locater to the 3 hour monorail power outage, most events can be filed in the innocuous but inconvenient category. But a couple bus accidents with injuries and the terrible monorail accident that resulted in a cast members death can’t be ignored.

I’m sure Meg Crofton and her team at Walt Disney World are well aware they’re just one major accident from a PR disaster worse than the late 90s when two accidents at Disneyland resulted in the death of guests. Those deaths were the result of a combination of maintenance neglect and cast members not following procedure to save time and money at the urging of their supervisors. They came at the end of a long trend of deliberate budget cut backs that resulted in bad show and worse. Eventually the leadership team at the resort was replaced.

Let’s hope that corrective action comes to WDW soon enough to prevent anything more major.

8 thoughts on “Bus Crash at Magic Kingdom with reported injuries”

  1. ugh…Something’s gotta give!

    I do realize that accidents happen – there will always be, unfortunately, human error. But…there does seem to be a pattern of sorts with WDW transportation in the last year or so.

    I’m with you…Disney needs to put in place whatever needs to happen to prevent a major accident.

    You would think that big companies would have realized by now that cutting budgets or trying to save money in maintenance is never a good thing. Safety first.

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  3. NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!! When you cut corners to save money, you can’t call that an accident. I call these things ‘planned incidents by planned neglected for plans to increase profit’. Virtually any cast member can tell you that corporte only cares about safety to point of image. If cast member dies, who cares, if guest dies, do image damage control. The WDW resort is declining fast.

  4. Have to agree, is you tried to save a buck and cut back on maintenance of your own car, perhaps not replacing brakes as should and then you wreck, I think that is not an accident. My family and I noticed this in summer at Disney World in Orlando. The cut backs were severe enough, we vowed not to return until Iger is out, and new management from top down with something more than crappy stores selling stuff, and food quality at a back seat to profit.

  5. I’m a fan of DISNEY, not of Walt Disney PARKS, which, true, are declining and becoming sales avenues, rather than an experience. Also, names witheld,but I’m a cast member who worked in maintenence and get leaned on to cut corners. Managers call the shots, and if want food on their tables, do what they are told. There’s many who work on monorail, attractions and such, who wouldn’t EVER let their families ride on them. Sure, safely designed, but as in a bad kitchen, the chef won’t eat there, cuz the KNOW. WDW doesn’t have to be like this, but will be until management changes their ways, BIG time. Expect many ‘accidents’, and belive me, you don’t hear about even 1% of them!!!

  6. I too see a huge case of neglect here. Not only with the care of the buses but also with the care of the drivers. In the past year I have felt quite unsafe in these buses. One driver was all over the road not to mention off the road on several curves. Many of the drivers do not speak English well. I therefore must assume they can not understand English either. This is a problem! They are also on tight schedules. Going faster makes up a few minutes but the safety factor in gone. In the defence of the drivers they are under orders to get from point A to point B as fast as possible as to not have guest waiting to long from transportation. As you know the buses are packed like sardines making it harder for the driver to drive in a safe fashion. I would rather wait for the last bus than subject my family to possible danger.

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