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Bus Crash at Magic Kingdom with reported injuries

WFTV is reporting on a Walt Disney World resort bus that crashed near the gates to the Magic Kingdom last night. Injuries were reported, but no word on their severity. Video shows that the accident was nothing serious.

This is yet another accident in a string of incidents that have been affecting the Walt Disney World transportation system. From the bomb threat that turned out to be a GPS locater to the 3 hour monorail power outage, most events can be filed in the innocuous but inconvenient category. But a couple bus accidents with injuries and the terrible monorail accident that resulted in a cast members death can’t be ignored.

I’m sure Meg Crofton and her team at Walt Disney World are well aware they’re just one major accident from a PR disaster worse than the late 90s when two accidents at Disneyland resulted in the death of guests. Those deaths were the result of a combination of maintenance neglect and cast members not following procedure to save time and money at the urging of their supervisors. They came at the end of a long trend of deliberate budget cut backs that resulted in bad show and worse. Eventually the leadership team at the resort was replaced.

Let’s hope that corrective action comes to WDW soon enough to prevent anything more major.