Monorail System Power Failure Strands Guests for hours

We had friends at the MK yesterday who reported that the monorail was down around 5pm and guests were being routed to the ferry boats for transport. This is not an unusual occurrence for the Monorail System. Something happens in the electrical system and the maintenance folk have to come out and inspect and approve before the system can be returned to service. Usually in a case like that all trains are allowed to come into station and debark their passengers leaving only cast members stranded in the monorails until the all clear is given.

Last night at around closing time for the Magic Kingdom something more serious happened. Complete power was lost with seven trains on the rail. About 300 guests were affected with some stuck on their monorail for 3 hours. This is because not everywhere is accessible by firetruck for evacuations. So the park has a diesel operated tender that can push or tow a monorail into a station for evacuation. Unfortunately that’s a slow process if you’re the furthest away train.

CFNews13 has a few guest stories and photos from the night and I found two guests who twittered (@colleenmskinner and @icartjetta) during the event.

All in all this has been a bad year for the Monorail system and one I’m sure Disney is hoping to move beyond soon.