Top Disney Animation according to Rotten Tomatoes is one of the few places I feel I can go online to get an honest opinion of the latest movie releases. They’re run by real film buffs and know their stuff. Just look at their high rating of Pixar’s films as proof, but I may be biased.

To mark the return of Disney to hand-drawn animation in The Princess & The Frog, RT has pulled together a list ranking every feature animated film from Disney from worst to best. It starts with “Fun and Fancy Free” at #48 which is probably true, but it’s still a great little film and what’s bad from Disney could still be great from others. Sort of the opposite of the Anastasia problem*.

Btw, there is no way “The Black Cauldron” should be ranked above “Chicken Little” or “Brother Bear”…. who’s curating this list?

*The Anastasia problem: When Fox released the animated feature Anastasia they test marketed it a couple of ways. In some theaters they added a ‘Disney Feature Animation’ logo before the title and in others they left the actual Fox name. Those who saw the movie with the Disney name in front of it rated the film better than those who saw it with the Fox logo. The other half of the Anastasia problem is that when any animated feature starts to approach Disney quality many audience members assume that it was made by Disney even if they’ve seen it themselves. Proof? Just go to ebay and search Disney Anastasia.