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Man detained after joking about bomb at the Magic Kingdom

File this one under jokes not to make while getting your bag inspected at a Disney themepark. Local Fox 35 news is reporting (no story to link to online, alas) that a man was detained by Orange County sheriffs after telling Disney security at the Magic Kingdom main gate bag check that he had a bomb in his bag. He quickly stated that he was joking, but as you can imagine, security wasn’t too happy and took the threat seriously.

As a guest who was in the Magic Kingdom this morning, let me say thank you to security for taking their jobs seriously. Sure, the whole bag inspection thing is just security theater and there are dozens of ways to get something past the gates if you really wanted to. But when someone does make a threat, as a guest I want to know that safety really is important.

More as news warrants.

5 thoughts on “Man detained after joking about bomb at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. You do know that the comment that you made in this post about there being “dozens of ways to get something past the gates” can get you arrested just as easily as the joke that this guy made? So don’t be so quick to judge. The way that things are going nowadays, I don’t even speak to the people at security checkpoints anymore, even if it seems rude, just to make sure I don’t say anything “suspicious”, and yet I am certain that the fact that I don’t talk to them might seem “suspicious” to some of them and I will get pulled out of the line for “secondary inspection”. What a great new world we live in, huh?

  2. Yes, I’m courteous to the security theater people even though that I know that the conditions that they cause would enhance a terrorist attack, not resolve it.

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