New Christmas Merchandise Highlights

Back with some highlights of new Holiday merchandise available at Disney’s theme parks.

A new series of Christmas Tree Ornaments of your favorite Pixar characters.

Matching Pixar Finding Nemo and Cars Stockings. There’s a Toy Story one too.

I really like this new line of colorful Christmas ornaments.

And the matching stocking is great too.

Even if you can’t make it to the parks, you can find some of the best Disney Themepark Merchandise available on the Store.

2 thoughts on “New Christmas Merchandise Highlights”

  1. I saw those paisley decorations and thought they were really nice as well, especially the glass orange Mickey head. Wish I could afford to do my whole tree like that!

  2. The Pixar ornaments have been around for quite a while now. I know I saw them back in February.

    The new paisley decorations though? Those are really sweet. Too bad they are so expensive.

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