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Around the Hub – Weekend Edition

Have a lot of open tabs with tales dying to be told. So here we go:

  • IAAPA was this week in Las Vegas. I wish I could have been there, but lack the funds. Sometimes it’s tough to find good coverage online, but Themepark Insider has some including this piece on Disney Legends recalling what it was like to work for Walt.
  • Congrats to Chef Scott Hunnel and the crew at Victoria and Alberts for their 10th consecutive AAA Five Diamond Award. Only two others of those in the state. Explains why the chef’s table is so bloody difficult to get.
  • Disney Echo covers the “Dreams Come True” exhibit in New Orleans. A great way to get immersed in the world of Disney’s fairy tales from Snow White to The Princess and the Frog.
  • DLRP Magic gets a behind the scenes look at the transformation of “It’s A Small World” for the winter holidays in Disneyland Paris.
  • A Fascinating article from Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel on what the future will bring to Walt Disney World. Some interesting speculation from the Reedy Creek planning folks. Wait? Isn’t that in effect Disney’s planning team?
  • Speaking of the future, Progress City examines an updated version of the concept art for Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland Expansion. Nothing new really, but a lot more detail. I am getting worried about the themeing on what is currently Goofy’s Barnstormer. Someone tell me they’re not going Circus themed there.

6 thoughts on “Around the Hub – Weekend Edition”

  1. I’ve been looking at the great new rendering, and comparing it to not only the previous, less detailed one but also the “blueprints” that came out a while ago.

    I’m not certain of the 100% authenticity of the blueprints, but if they are (or at least were) accurate in the beginning, they certainly seem to have changed. Barnstormer has moved farther up to the right, and the 2 (1 old + 1 new) Dumbo rides have moved down next to it in the far right.

    Now Pixie Hollow and Tink’s tree is up at the top, to the right of Ariel’s Water Park (what I call it). There’s a lot of “green” area up there, from what I can tell, which is nice. Maybe there will be space up there to create a nice little woodland area for Minnie and Mickey’s houses, near the train depot?

    There’s a large building behind the new Cinderella area – is that the existing Pooh Adventures/Peter Pan/Snow White? I’m having trouble picturing where all this fits into the existing Fantasyland. I’m also assuming Small World is still way on the left, with the Pinocchio Village Haus, etc.

    I need to see this in an overlay of the existing park :) Maybe my next project!

    I just hope there’s something to do in these new areas, and not just stand in line while waiting for a meet’n’greet. I know there will be a Little Mermaid ride, and the existing stuff will still be there.

  2. @Barry, ummm, this won’t be on top of the current Fantasyland, it will be an expansion. New real estate. This will all be in new land.

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