Disney’s Fastpass inspires solution to long Swine Flu Shot lines

Quebec’s citizens looking to get a flu shot for the H1N1 Virus have a health official’s trip to Walt Disney World to thank for their short wait to get vaccinated. Inspired by the Fastpass system that saves guests a virtual place in the queue for attractions like Peter Pan and Space Mountain, a coupon tells each patient when to return for their flu shot.

Lines are still forming at some vaccination centres, where people are queuing up early just to get their coupons. But officials say the system has been effective. At one vaccination centre in Montreal’s Plateau Mont Royal district recently, nurses and health workers outnumbered people in line.

“The system is marvellous,” said Johanne Spencer, who’d whisked through her vaccination. “You know what time you’re going to have your turn and you know how long you’ll have to wait. You don’t waste three, four hours in line.”

I’m pretty sure Disney won’t be promoting this as they don’t want the parks identified with Swine Flu at the moment.

More here (Hat Tip to BoingBoing’s Cory D.)