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Unofficial Guide launches WDW Wait Times iPhone mobile website


Today, the fine folks behind the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, are launching a preview version of Lines, a mobile website for iPhone users that displays estimates of wait times for every attraction at Walt Disney World, in real time.

For the past 10 years they’ve been obsessively researching wait times at Walt Disney World, collecting and processing a massive amount of data along the way. Their products like Touring Plans and the Crowd Calendar help you efficiently tour the parks and avoid the crowds.


In Lines, it’s obvious they thought a lot about one’s experience while touring the parks: standing in Frontierland and want to know how long the line is at Space Mountain? Is Soarin’ really a ninety minute wait? Will there be FASTPASSes left at Toy Story Mania if we get there at noon?

Lines was built to solve these problems. There are many mobile applications doing wait times (Disney included), and accurate estimates are particularly challenging. TouringPlans has the unique dataset required to provide the most accurate estimates.

There is also a handy preview of what tomorrow will look like. I’d like to see this expanded in future editions.


To give it a test-drive, grab an iPhone our iPod Touch and navigate to (other mobile platforms are on the way). You’ll need a subscription (which is free) to use Lines during this preview.

9 thoughts on “Unofficial Guide launches WDW Wait Times iPhone mobile website”

  1. It is awesome to know that someone put that much time and effort into that. I think it is a great idea and cant wait to pass it on to my clients and to use it myself. Thank you, Lori Oakland- Elkhorn Travel,Montana

  2. I just tried it and it works fine on my Palm Pre as well. According to the website, they now officially state that the site supports iPhone, WebOS (the Palm Pre and Pixi) and Android.

  3. Well, it seems like a nice app, but having to pay $9 a year rally isnt worth it when youre only going to use this app for about a week. If it became free, it would be nice, but right now, there are free apps that do the same without charging

    1. Yeah, $9 a year is more than 2 cents per day. Who can afford that?

      Better to spend hundreds on park tickets without any plan for making sure you actually get into any attractions.

  4. The $9 also gives you access to the entire web site at There, you have access to tons of different toruing plans not offered in the book and the entire crowd calendar. If you have a current copy of the Unofficial Guide, then there is a discount. It is worth every penny.

  5. I can’t wait to see if it works well for our trip in May! I will re-post after the trip to let you know! It’s fun to look at it every day to see what the wait times are….even though I’m not there.

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