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Around The Hub – TGIF

The week is over. Time to circle the wagons and clear a few open tabs.

First, I was very happy to hear the Oh Amanda, who writes our LOST coverage here at The Disney Blog, has made it onto the Disney Mom’s panel. She totally deserves it. I know she’ll be great at answering everyone’s questions.

Disneyland Paris saw increased visits, but still lost money last year. Not a good sign for a company that is still carrying a lot of debt. Hopefully the improving economy will improve their fortunes and prevent the need for serious cutbacks in service and development.

Let’s get ready to rumble. The Winnie the Pooh lawsuit is back on! This is basically a continuation of the last lawsuit. The judge reject the Slesinger heirs the rights to the Pooh characters, but said they were due royalties. This lawsuit is about setting the royalty rate. This is never going to end, is it.

Artist Cardow has an interesting political cartoon related to the makeover Disney is supposedly giving Mickey Mouse.

With 20 animated films eligible for the Oscars this year Pixar’s UP will face some stiff competition from four other films this year.

If you didn’t hear, The Walt Disney Company made a little more money last 4th quarter that they did the year previously.

Lastly, I was at the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday night and rode the TTA through the upgraded Space Mountain. They were doing testing. Cars were running and the interior effects were on. Definitely a new sound for the cars, but no soundtrack I could hear. However, the new interior lighting effects were amazing. Much more realistic than the old version. Btw, I hear soft openings are possible beginning even today.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am SO excited. RIDICULOUSLY excited.

    (And uhm…UP should totally win an Oscar. Best movie I’ve seen in years. Seriously.)


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