Small World Holiday Disney Parks Commercial

The last couple holiday seasons have brought a new Holiday commercial from Disney Parks. Here’s this year’s entry:

9 thoughts on “Small World Holiday Disney Parks Commercial”

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  2. For all the jokes and cracks about the song over the years, I think this is a WONDERFUL use of Its a Small World and a wonderful version of the music.

    A+ to Disney for this ad.

  3. Really great spot. Beautiful version of the song, wonderful scenes around the world and a great closing line. I’ve worked as a cast member during the holidays at The Magic Kingdom and this really makes me want to be there again for all the festivities and holiday magic.

  4. I always look for commercials that give hope and promise. This advertisement is fantastic short or long version, it is a shame the long(original) version is not played yet on television or cable television in the long format yet. It would be wonderful for everyone to see how the entire story plays out. I am a long term Disney shareholder and a fan of the mystique of Disney. To see this means the company has regained a lot of the magic that was missing for way too long. John Lassiter, Iger and all the rest have successfully resurrected the Magic of Disney once again!

  5. This commercial is one of the best Disney has done in years! Brilliant work. It perfectly projects the magic of the holidays and what Disney is all about.

  6. does anyone know where i can get this version of the song? I know there is a full version that includes the full song. please and thank you.

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