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Dancing with the Stars: Week 6 Results

After a wild performance show that including the first-ever competition-style mambo,  it’s time to find out which two couples will be heading home. Is it finally time for Michael to go? Does America still think Aaron is intolerable? Can audiences forgive Louie’s jilted jitterbug? Will I ever stop asking questions in threes like Tom Bergeron? Only time will tell.

Things got mixed up early on when the show opened with the musical guest Taylor Swift performing her new single. I’m not sure who the couple was that danced during her performance, but apparently they didn’t get the memo that Len hates when female ballroom dancers don’t wear ballroom shoes.

After a quick recap of last night, the show got right down to business and Joanna and Derek were sent right to safety, followed by Mark and Lacey. Meanwhile, everyone is spazzing out about the double elimination and the possibility of being forced to perform in the dance-off.

Donny and Kym are also safe, as are – SHOCKER! – Aaron and Karina. Eesh. I sense we may have a surprise elimination on our hands tonight.

Tiempo Libre was also on deck to bring in some serious Latin flavor, accompanied by some sassy-spicy dancing that effectively washed away the memory of last night’s mambo mess. And it wouldn’t be a DWTS results show without …

… a montage! This week’s was about the stars getting to design the costumes for their partners for next week’s show. Memorable moment: Louie Vito asking,”What’s chiffon?” Oh Louie, you have so much left to learn.

And then, just like that, we’re back to eliminations. Mya and Dmitry are sent to safety, along with Kelly and Louis. Before we continue, it’s another Taylor Swift break, this time with “Love Story.” The costume designers took this one literally, dressing our professionals like kids in a high school drama club version of Romeo & Juliet. Out, damned spot, out I say! (wrong play, I know).

Because the concept of “10” is confusing to some, Olympic gymnast and person with nothing better to do Nadia Comaneci visits to explain to the masses what it means to score a perfect 10. In short, it means you did a perfect job and scored 10 points. Are we clear now? No? Well, let’s bring in Greg Louganis and Bill Walton to explain some more.

Finally! Elimination time! And, AAA BOO HISS Melissa and Mark are going home. I blame the waltz. I thought they had a few more weeks in them, but the waltz takes no prisoners. In other news, Michael and Anna and Louie and Chelsie will be dancing later in the dance-off. The judges seem to like Michael for some strange reason (mostly because he’s this season’s token “you’re trying so hard but….” contestant), so I’m a little worried for Louie. Annnnd….

Cue dance off! Michael and Anna went first, dancing a samba. On the plus side, he didn’t attempt to do the worm. At times it was venturing into Woz territory, but the judges praised his energy and personality. Guess what? Its Dancing with the Stars, not Personality with the Stars. Louie and Chelsie chose the jive, which suits his personality and at least if they’re going to go out, they’ll do so with a bang. I think having to learn so many dances took its toll on Louie, who forgot half the routine. Chelsie was actually leading him around.The judges are pretty easy on them, all things considered.

Finally, the time had come. Michael and Anna were saved, thanks to Len and Carrie Ann’s votes, and Louie and Chelsie were sent back to the slopes. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night til it be next week, when two more couples will be eliminated.

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