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Around The Hub – Tuesday Times

Have a couple big posts I’m working on for later, so here’s another roundup of Disney news for today.

  • The 180 day window for Dining reservations at Walt Disney World returns today. That means there are 80 free days of reservations to fill. Might be a good time to book that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Those last two years of playing at EPCOT must have really affected Los Lobos. Well, that and their SoCal roots. They’ve now come out with a Disney themed CD. Listen to a sample at The Oregonian.
  • It’s not so easy to bring an Animated Feature to the stage on Broadway. Disney has had its failures (Tarzan and Little Mermaid), and now Dreamworks joins them as Shrek will be closing soon.
  • Intellectual property Law students at the College of William and Mary examine Disney’s treatment of copyright when it comes to the Pirates of the Caribbean’s next movie.

Disney has provided a cute little video of Mickey and Goofy helping to refill the California Adventure Lagoon:

5 thoughts on “Around The Hub – Tuesday Times”

  1. Definitely not a good time to book a reservation; Their online booking crashed earlier this morning, and I’ve been calling (on and off) for 3 hours trying to even get through to the WDW-DINE number.

    Unless you have the time to spend trying to get through, I would recommend waiting for a few days before trying to make your reservations.

    I was hoping to secure the Chef’s table at Victoria and Alberts, but I’m thinking by now that’s probably a lost cause…

  2. It’s good to hear that the window for dining reservations has been opened a little bit wider. My wife and I are currently working on the details of our next Disney trip, so that info is always helpful. Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

  3. Hardly a failure. It was a huge financial success. Times are hard on Broadway. I saw Shrek 4 times, and Little Mermaid and Tarzan once. Both LM and Tarzen were overblown and boring (great music, though).

  4. “The 180 day window for Dining reservations at Walt Disney World returns today”

    Yes it has – but not on line. WDWs online system is shut down due to backend database overload. They have chosen to use 400+ CMs to man phones instead :)

    Does this sound like a company that is serious about the Internet?

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