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John Beal, composed early Disney World tunes, interviewed

Fans of the horror film genre know that the soundtrack is often the key component of the tension required to really put the scare on. It works the same at Disney’s parks, only it’s not tension that’s building, but atmosphere. It takes a lot of talent to compose for either genre, but John Beal has composed for both.

Beal was one of the orchestral conductors during the Walt Disney World Grand Opening in 1971, and he also supplied music for America Sings and the Carousel of Progress.

Mark Morton has an interview with Beal that is admittedly heavier on the horror, but there are a few juicy Disney tidbits.

I must say that working with the folks at Imagineering was a dream – a collaborative creative experience such as I’ve not found anywhere else. To work with completely open minds that encourage all ideas and build on each others’ suggestions was a real treat.

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