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Looking forward to ABC’s ‘V’

Don’t forget there is another episode of FlashForward airing on ABC tonight. But it’s time to start looking foward to the next big series to air on ABC, ‘V’.

Thanks to Shelley Divnich Haggert for sending in these morsels. Shelley will be the recap/reviewer for the series here on The Disney Blog:

Is it a bird? A plane? Nope, just an alien race, planning to take over the planet.

It looks like the remake of “V” is getting off the ground after all. The
series, which halted production (amidst a rumored overhaul) for a while
back in September, will debut November 3, and ABC is promoting it in a big way. Starting Friday, skywriters will create giant V’s across the sky at 26 U.S. landmarks. The skywriting will be done multiple times a day at each site until the series launch. (Via Reuters)

The show, starring LOST alumni Elizabeth Mitchell, will air for four
episodes and then go on hiatus until after the Winter Olympics. This
“split season” is a risky move for ABC – viewers might be reluctant to get emotionally invested in a show they know will be off-air for most of the winter. Will four episodes be enough to hook the audience and will they return in the spring?

Meanwhile, let us know if you spot a giant “V” in the sky this Friday!

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