Some Insight into Themepark Ticketing

While we all wait for official news of Blackstone’s purchase of Busch Entertainment’s parks, including Sea World and Busch Gardens, here’s a fascinating bit of insight into how big theme parks do their ticketing from someone who has helped Disney manage its strategy.

If an attraction has not placed a significant focus on the internet ticketing revolution, they will soon find themselves way behind their competition. Online, print-at-home ticketing is far more strategic than just an added guest convenience and a means of speeding up the front gate lines. Getting guests into the park more quickly means they can squeeze in an extra ride or maybe have time for another soda purchase. Research clearly shows the more attractions a guest experiences in a day, the higher they score their value for the money and the higher they rate their intent to recommend the park to friends.

When they buy print-at-home admission and parking online, it goes on a credit card. With those expenses behind them, it leaves more cash in their pocket for the day of spending in the park. At accesso, we have clients approaching 50% of their tickets being sold online. In just a few years, ticket booths will no longer be the first thing you see when arriving at an attraction. Nearly all guests will show up with tickets in hand and head straight to the park entrance.

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