Ed Grier resigns from Disneyland Presidency

The big news coming out of Anaheim today is that the run of Ed Grier as President of Disneyland will come to an end on Friday. Ed was known for his… well… he… um, well not much. Known primarily as a behind the scenes guy, Ed steered the park through a couple legal issues and safely through this economic downturn. There was no big achievement he’ll be remembered for, which I guess is better than his predecessors who both flamed out in style.

I wish Ed the best of luck in his future endeavor, helping his son’s film production company. I wish for Disneyland a President worthy of Walt’s Crown Jewel. Hmmm, who do we know who’s looking for a job right now?

More at the OC Register.

7 thoughts on “Ed Grier resigns from Disneyland Presidency”

  1. I’ll volunteer for the job. I’ll do it for 3/4 of whatever Grier was paid. I have plenty of experience walking through Disney theme parks, noticing what’s working and what isn’t.

    I would pledge to regularly walk through the parks, stand in lines with other guests, etc. That’s the only way to really find out how things are working.

    Sadly, I don’t think anyone with hiring responsibility would take those qualifications seriously. But, Mr. Iger, if you’re reading, you can reach me via my web site!

  2. Dick Cook! John Frost! Matt Ouimet! Actually, I doubt Ouimet would come back for anything less than heading the entires Parks & Resorts division.

    I liked Matt a lot. I had the pleasure of dealing with him in person, one-on-one.

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  4. Well, while a decent guy, Ed was a figure head at best, a yes-man for corporate and showed very little leadership. Matt Ouimet was a strong leader who cared for cast members, the park and keeping up Disney’s legacy. I bet when Ed told his cast members in his monotone voice that there would be resort wide layoffs, he wasn’t thinking his days were numbered!

    Wonder what kind of golden parachute he got…probably a much better deal than the cast members who were laid off after decades of faithful service! Next….

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