Dancing with the Stars: Week 2 Results

All’s fair in love and dance, but it’s Tuesday night, which means another couple is going home. During the recap of last night’s performances, which provided a fun mix of Mya, manliness, and Muppets, there were a couple choice quotes: Kelly candidly called her performance “crap,” and Louie played right into the snowboarder stereotype by claiming the judges’ scores were “harshing his mellow.” Right on, Spicoli.

The judges pick for the encore presentation was Mya and Dmitry’s jive, proving that talent trumps everything, even an appearance by the Muppets. I mentioned yesterday that I rewatched this several times last night, and I was glad they were given the coveted encore spot. Between Mya’s natural talent and Dmitry’s Emmy-nominated choreography, these two are going to be a definite contender for that mirrorball trophy.

Here are the standings – lots of ties, and it’s a close race:

  1. Aaron and Karina – 27
  2. Mya and Dmitry – 27 (tie)
  3. Donny and Kym – 25
  4. Mark and Lacey – 21
  5. Debi and Maks – 21 (tie)
  6. Natalie and Alec – 21 (tie)
  7. Joanna and Derek – 20
  8. Michael and Anna – 20 (tie)
  9. Louie and Chelsie – 19
  10. Melissa and Mark – 19 (tie)
  11. Chuck and Anna – 19 (tie)
  12. Kelly and Louis – 19 (tie)
  13. Tom and Cheryl – 18
  14. Kathy and Tony – 18 (tie)

Then the lights dimmed, the scary music started, and no surprise here – Donny/Kym, Mya/Dmitry, Aaron/Karina were sent to safety.

After the commercial break, Joss Stone performed her latest single accompanied by a professional ballroom couple not regularly on the show. I didn’t catch the dancers’ names (sorry), but their dance was a nice mix of sultry and splashy that complemented Joss’s bluesy sound.

Did you know Dancing with the Stars has a fancy new training center? No? Well, lucky for you there’s a three minute tribute video where all the celebrities talk about how great it is. Colorful walls! Fake stairs! You can spy on the competition! It’s all very One Danced Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Speaking of our dancers, Mark/Lacey and Natalie/Alec are safe, while Debi/Maks are in trouble. No surprises there either – Maks has managed to make himself completely unlikeable this season, and he’s taking Debi down with him.

New twist! This season you can vote for a former contestant to return and dance in front of the judges. Included in the mix are former winners Kristi Yamaguchi and Helio Castroneves, almost-winners Mel B and Joey Fatone, and ballroom puppet Drew Lachey. Personally, I think they should all come back and compete against each other, like Survivor: All-Stars.

Then Selena Gomez took the stage to promote her new single and the new season of Wizards of Waverly Place (which I’m really looking forward to). I don’t love the song – it’s more shouty-singing than singing, but Derek and Karina turned up the heat on the dance floor. And Selena looks super-cute and age-appropriate.

Ballroom carnage update: Joanna/Derek are safe, as are Michael/Anna, Chuck/Anna (omg, Mickey Rourke is here), Melissa/Mark, Kelly/Louis. But I’m horrified to discover that Louie and Chelsie are still in jeopardy. I’m not ready to let go of the cute yet!

News flash – celebrities have bad habits. Stars: They’re Just Like Us! The professionals get together to dish about their partners and whine about their rehearsal frustrations. Melissa Joan has trouble focusing, Debi talks too much, Mark talks to himself, Kelly complains about everything, Natalie holds her breath, and Tom can’t control his face. All shocking things, I know.

As if last night’s Muppets weren’t strange enough, the USC Trojan marching band took the floor as this week’s Stars of Dance performance. Since when do marching bands have b-boys and stomp? What happened to the girls who throw batons and wave flags? These times, they are a-changing. Or I’m old. Or both.

Joss Stone came back once more to sing “Son of a Preacher Man,” with Dmitry, Louis, Cheryl, and Anna sassing it up on the floor. I think 3 musical performances in 1 one-hour show is a bit much – what is this, the Grammys?

Then Tom sent Tom and Cheryl back to safety, leaving Kathy/Tony, Debi/Maks, and Louie/Chelsie left hanging, with Debi/Maks and Kathy/Tony making up our bottom two. Carrie Ann is a little surprised to see Debi in the bottom two, but fate granted her a reprieve, for it was Kathy Ireland who was sent home to pack her Kathy Ireland suitcases.

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