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John Lasseter Pitches Ultimate Woody Doll from Disney

The second video from Disney Living featuring John Lasseter pitching Disney*Pixar’s new ultimate toy collection is now up. Sadly this is beginning to take on a bit of a home shopping network feeling. All that’s missing is that little scrolling bar tell you you’re about to miss out on this once in a life time deal.

4 thoughts on “John Lasseter Pitches Ultimate Woody Doll from Disney”

  1. Dear John — When you find yourself selling something just ’cause it’s there to be sold, you should leave that to the sales people. This tarnishes your rep as a champion of keeping Disney unique. It’s a doll. Nothing you said set it apart from another doll… except the ‘humorous’ tag, which only pointed out that — It’s a doll.

  2. I saw this in a store and it’s cute, but there’s not much that distinguishes it from a $20 Woody doll, at least to its target audience. Maybe it makes a difference to collectors, but to kids, it doesn’t.

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